Website owners need to check the speed of their sites and verify that they are provided for a suitable use experience for visitors based on some of the services and tools available in this area.

This website speed test tool includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. You can run the site speed test from various test locations and easily share the website speed results with others.

Website owners can rely on the free Site Relic tool, which allows them to test their sites in terms of performance and security in seconds and without the need to register an account.

The developers of the tool aim to help website owners, developers and webmasters quickly check various site metrics and see what needs to be improved about performance and security.

The tool supports the possibility of testing the site on the desktop or on smart phones from several regions around the world and see if the web pages of the site are displayed as expected globally.

The speed test provided by the tool allows you to check how much time it takes to load pages from 9 different locations around the world, as well as several other criteria such as time for the first TTFB bytes, number of requests, page size, full load time, and more.

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