The Firefox browser for iOS provides protection from tracking by default

If you are interested in the privacy scandal on Facebook, you should be interested to know that the Firefox browser for iPhones and iPads now prevents websites from tracking your online behavior. Mozilla has released a new version of its iOS web browser, Improved security for daily browsing and useful new features.

The Firefox browser has an option called “tracking protection” that prevents web site tracking software publishers, advertising companies and technology giants like Google and Facebook from tracking you and creating a profile that is valuable to advertisers. According to Mozilla, this option is enabled by default on Apple’s iOS mobile devices.

“At Mozilla, we always thought it was important to respect people’s privacy, give them control over what information they wanted to share, what information they did not want to share, and consumers now demand more than ever before,” said Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox. Of companies that share their data. ”

There is a growing demand for tracking protection in many web browsers, such as the Brave browser developed by Mozilla’s co-founder Brendan Eich, which blocks all followers, while the Apple Safari uses a technology called Smart Tracking Prevention The software tracks the user while browsing for different Web sites.

The Trace Protection feature has the added side effect of speeding Web browsing, keeping the largest battery and preventing depletion. Tens of millions of people use Firefox on PCs, but the number is lower on smartphones and tablets, with Safari and Chrome Chrome As integrated options.

The updated browser also provides new drag-and-drop features for iPad owners. If you’re messy with tabs, you can now rearrange them by clicking the tab icon, then holding down a tab and dragging it left or right, Share links also, thanks to the ability to drag URLs from Firefox to other applications without having to use the cut and paste method.