Some Android phone manufacturers lie to users

Android phones look very slow to get updates, according to the latest update published by Google in February, only 1.1 percent of Android users have access to the latest version of the operating system.

But the problems with Android software updates appear to be deeper. A research firm called Security Research Labs claims that many Android phone manufacturers are lying to users about missing security updates, according to a Wired report.

According to the report, researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell spent two years analyzing Android devices in order to check whether the phones had already installed the security updates that manufacturers indicate to provide for their devices.

The researchers found that many devices have what they call a “gap in updates”, where the phone program claims that it was updated with security patches, but in fact lacked dozens of updates.

According to the report, Security Research Labs tested firmware for up to 1,200 phones from many manufacturers, such as Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola, as well as a number of Chinese companies such as ZTE and TCL.

The tests focused on all the security updates for the Android system released last year, and found that even the leading smartphones from Samsung and Sony did not sometimes get corrections.

This is obviously a big problem, whether it’s intentional or not, as this puts customers at risk of penetration because they do not have the latest security updates, and they restrain a false sense of security by believing they are fully protected, More catastrophic along the line.

To help, Security Research Labs releases a tool called SnoopSnitch, which is located on the Google Play Store, capable of analyzing firmware in the phone to see if the device has installed or lost security updates and to see if you’re really secure.

To make things clear, Android phone manufacturers are not considered equal when the mother is concerned with the missing security updates. Google, Samsung and Sony seem to be on average not to miss a security patch, but the problem looks much bigger for companies such as ZTE and TCL Devices claiming to have installed four or more security updates.

“We would like to thank Karsten Nohl and Jakob Kell for their continued efforts to enhance the security of the Android ecosystem. We are working with them to improve their detection mechanisms to account for cases where a device uses an alternative security update rather than the security update proposed by Google and security updates are one of the many layers used to protect Android devices and users. The built-in protection of the system, such as application security and security services such as Google Play Protect, is equally important. These layers contribute to the researchers’ Android is still a challenge. ”

In conclusion, we can say after all, if Android device manufacturers can not update their phones, the least they can do is be honest with users about this fact.