Movavi Video Editor

Removing the sound from a video can be a helpful in a lot of different ways. In some cases the video itself may look amazing but there may be a lot of unnecessary sound in the background, and by removing it you can then replace it with something else such as background music or a voiceover narration.

Movavi Video Editor

Of course if you want to do any of that you’ll need to edit your video a little bit, and that is why many people often feel it is too much trouble. However you’ll be pleased to know that if you use Movavi Video Editor you can remove audio from video and even replace it with a new track in just a matter of minutes.

To get started you will want to launch Movavi Video Editor and click ‘Create project in full feature mode’ to open up the main editor. Then you should click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select the video, or drag and drop the file into the ‘Timeline’ area of the interface.

Once the video has loaded and appears in the ‘Timeline’, you can click on the ‘Audio Track’ of the video to select it, then press the ‘Remove’ icon (i.e. the trash can) that is right above the ‘Timeline’ to delete it. In that way you’d completely remove the sound from that video using Movavi Video Editor, and if you want you could save your clip then and there by clicking ‘Export’.

If you want to replace the sound that you removed with a different track however, you will have two options: Add your own audio file to Movavi Video Editor, or use one of its built-in tracks. To do the former just click ‘Add Media Files’ and select the audio file that you want to use and it will be automatically added to the ‘Timeline’, whereas for the latter you can click ‘Music’ and browse the selection available then drag the one you want into the ‘Timeline’.

Keep in mind that you can technically add as many audio tracks as you want to accompany your video, so you could have one track with background music and another with a voiceover narration, sound effects, or anything else for that matter. When you’re satisfied, click ‘Export’ and select the format you want Movavi Video Editor to save your video in.

Be sure to try out the other features in Movavi Video Editor as well, as they are as easy to use as it was to remove audio from your video. All it will require is a few minutes to experiment with each feature and you’ll find that you’re able to trim your video, enhance its quality, apply filters and effects, add animated transitions, insert captions, and more.

To sum it up: Movavi Video Editor will make removing the audio from your video a walk in the park, and give you the tools that you need to edit it in a variety of other ways. On your part all you need to do is familiarize yourself with its features, and you’ll be able to come up with some really amazing videos.