How to prevent virus attack on Android

Virus and malware attacks are so common these days that without scanning your phone regularly with an anti-virus, you won’t be sure if your phone is safe or not. Certainly, it is a fact that there are outstanding genius nerds who are would literally do or code anything to gain access to your smartphone and steal all the important information from your phone.

The truth is, those geeks needs to put a ton of effort to attack your phone but with a minimal effort you can protect your smartphone so that those rascals can’t attack your phone whatsoever. There are only few preventions you will be required to take and your phone will be safe as a locker. You can run your phone relax free without having any tension that your phone is under virus attack.

1. Disable third-party app installs

Most times third-party apps install pop up ads or fake logon screens where you will be forced to input your social media or email account details but in reality,this information will be stolen by bots and the next thing you know, your Facebook wall has lots of links that has nothing to do with you.

This usually occurs if you are installing apps from third-party websites. To be honest, you must not install apps from anywhere except Google Play Store. You must remember that if any app is totally clean then they need to submit it on Google Play Store so that you can install it without any concern.

To disable third-party app installs, unlock your phone, go to Settings, scroll down and tap on Security and under “Device Administration”, disable the option with “Unknown Sources”.

Prevent virus attack on Android

Everyone must remember that this option should be set as disabled by default. But in many cases, you may have to enable this option to install some apps that are privately available to limited users. In that case, just enable the option, install the app and disable it back to make sure no other third-party app gets installed.

2. Turn off Bluetooth or any other file-sharing app

Bluetooth, ShareIt, Xender or any other file sharing apps must be turned off as soon their work is done. According to an Oxford research, 83% virus and unknown apps can enter into your smartphone if you simply turn on the Bluetooth or any data sharing app in public.
To turn off Bluetooth, simply slide down from the top and tap the “Bluetooth” icon. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and tap “Bluetooth” option under “Wireless & networks” and make sure it shows off.

Prevent virus attack on Android

If you are using ShareIt, Xender or other data sharing applications, then simply open task manager and clear them all to make sure they are properly closed.

Update Software Regularly

Google is already putting a lot of effort to update their software regularly that can prevent suspicious virus attacks. Any smartphone running on Android 3.0 or higher has access to malware scanner provided by Google by default. It will thoroughly scan any apps downloaded from different sources other than Google Play Store. Google will automatically send you warnings about any potential threats.

If your device is running Android 4.0 or higher then you will have access to premium SMS services that takes a step further to protect your phone by sending a SMS to your device whenever any third-party app is installed in your device. This is included by default and you do not require to enable any option whatsoever.

To update software on your smartphone, simply go to Settings and open the “About Phone” or “About Device” option and check for system update.

4. Install a Reliable Anti-virus

More and more antivirus companies are hiring Android smart guys to fight against virus, malware, adware and other phishing apps that can probably compromise the security of your smartphone.

So, by installing a reliable antivirus app will keep an eye on every activity that’s happening in your smartphone. It keeps your phone secure when you surf the internet, block spam callers and scan your phone regularly to keep unknown applications away from your phone.
Antivirus apps like Kaspersky, Norton Antivirus, Avira, Avast and other reputed apps hired bunch of tech geeks to build such antiviruses so that it can make sure that your phone is safe and secure.

Now, it’s up to you, which antivirus you wish to use and how much you are able to spend. Basically, any anti-virus app will work and we will recommend choosing only one rather than installing all of them for no reason.


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