New System to Protect Your Phone from Fraudulent Messages

Smartphones receive a lot of text messages on a daily basis, which becomes annoying when these messages are false and fraudulent.

According to the British newspaper Telegraph, a number of sophisticated algorithms are being tested in the United Kingdom, capable of blocking 95 deceptive messages out of 100.

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in fraud by SMS, where fraudsters claim to belong to a financial institution to convince their victims to send money to them.

Telephone operators and telecommunications companies in the UK are currently building blocking systems that check messages sent before they reach phones, Telegraph said.

O2 Telecom, which has about 23 million customers, uses an artificial intelligence system to determine the type of messages sent before it is filtered.

The system was manufactured by Croatia’s Infovib Technology Company, which successfully prevented the arrival of 95 fraudulent messages out of 100.