Microsoft Announces New Application for Windows 10 to Connect Your Smartphone to Your Computer

Microsoft unveiled a new application for users of the Windows operating system 10 carries the name of Your Address Phone , function connecting smart phones with desktop computers, to allow users to Windows 10 system to access text, images and notifications on their phones through desktop devices, and came within the activities of conference Annual Build 2018, which began today at the Washington State Convention Center.

The features of your Phone application vary depending on which operating system you’re connected to. It’s Android, but Microsoft can offer much more features for Android phones that will connect to a Windows 10 PC so you do not have to use your phone while working on a computer.

Dell Computer introduced the concept earlier this year when it announced a new Mobile Connect device that will be available on all of its 2018 devices and can display calls and notifications from smartphones to a computer.

Your Microsoft Phone application will only include access to SMS, images, and notifications at the beginning.

Microsoft will begin testing your Phone application this week through users of the latest Windows 10 preview and Windows Insiders, and through feedback the company will determine how it will end. Will Your Phone become a standalone application or feature within Windows 10, This is available with next fall update for Windows 10. Microsoft is currently testing the next major update for Windows 10, codenamed “Redstone 5”.

Microsoft recently announced the Windows 10 April 2018 update for PCs and tablets that has a major feature, the Windows Timeline, which lets you search all activities you’ve done in 30 days to find what you’ve been working on, including applications Files and websites. You can also capture what you’ve been doing on your Android or iOS device as long as you’re signed in to your Microsoft account while using Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Office 365.