Microsoft adds built-in ad blocking to Edge Browser

Microsoft has officially joined the battle against annoying ads. They announced the addition of a new feature for the iOS and Android version of its Microsoft Edge Web browser application, this step after Google and Opera add ad blocking software built into Google Chrome and Opera. Microsoft has already launched the feature for those who use the trial version of the Edge browser for Android, along with the iOS test program, and that people who use the fixed version of the browser receive this feature through a future update, and chose the company located in Redmond use AdBlock Plus ad blocking software developed by German developer Eyeo GmbH, which is the most popular ad blocking software for users.

As with other browser-based ad blocking solutions, Microsoft’s solution does not require downloading and installing software separately, and the software can be managed from the Edge browser settings. It can be said that this is important. AdBlock Plus is one of the most aggressive types of ad blocking software.

AdBlock Plus blocks almost all ads, unlike Google Chrome’s built-in ad blocking software, which only blocks offensive ads from the company’s point of view, such as auto-operated and half-screen videos, and most Ads in most sites, making Microsoft’s move as bad news for sites that rely on advertising revenue.

Firefox’s Android browser developed by Mozilla also features a built-in ad blocker, but is only enabled in private browsing. At the same time, Firefox Focus, which focuses primarily on privacy, stops these ads from appearing by default. Samsung Browser for Android System Install Adblock Add-ons to block ads within Samsung browser

The company launched the EDGE browser for the Android system in November, and since then, Microsoft has released a version of the browser designed for tablet PCs, along with another version of the browser dedicated to the operating system iOS iOS of Apple, and with the presence of 5 Millions of browser-only downloads from the Google Play Store, the browser’s adoption process is still slow.

Microsoft has partnered with Adblock Plus to include this functionality directly in the browser, and remains to see whether this step will help enhance and increase the browser’s popularity compared to the Firefox browser on Android, which has received 100 million downloads from Google Play Store, Default which has more than one billion installed on Android.