Learn How to Locate and Play Sound in Popular Browsers

With a lot of websites that use auto-play video, it’s a good time to review how to locate and play audio in popular browsers. We’ll let you know the different ways you can ignore audio on tabs in Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

How to locate and play audio in popular browsers

Google Chrome browser

Chrome displays a small speaker icon on any tab that currently plays the sound, and to ignore the sound on the tab, right-click the tab and choose Ignore location, and you can perform this maneuver without leaving the current tab.

EDGE Browser

The Microsoft browser finally joined the Mute tab with Windows Update 10 April 2018 , where EDGE now lets you click the speaker icon of a tab to ignore it, and you can do so in the current tab as well as on the background tabs without leaving the current tab, as you can Also right-click the tab and choose “Ignore Tab”.

Firefox browser

Firefox displays the speaker icon on the tab, causing noise, and you can click it to ignore the sound of this tab without switching to it, and you can also right-click the tab and choose “Ignore tab.”

Opera browser

Opera offers the best way to ignore browser tabs, especially if you have more than one background tab that started playing audio, just right-click the current tab and click Ignore other tabs, and you can also click the speaker icon to ignore the background tabs or right-click a tab and choose the Mute tag, Opera displays a small icon for the sound levels of the tabs that occupy the sound, and then turns to the speaker icon when you hover over a tab.

Safari Browser

Safari offers the same tab switching options in Firefox and EDGE, where you can just click the speaker icon to mute a tab or right-click and choose “Ignore this tab”. In addition, Safari provides a blue speaker icon in its URL bar, which You can click it to mute all the tabs when you have tabs running the sound in the background.