Phone 8 or iPhone X

The iPhone X was recently unveiled and everyone is talking about the new gadget from Apple. Many opinions have filled the air and some people think the iPhone 8 is a worthy competitor of the iPhone X, which leaves buyers in a dilemma, especially those who don’t have clear information about how the two gadgets compare. To help you understand the specs and benefits of each phone, here is an expert review that touches on the general build and features of both phones. This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology.


When it comes to the design, iPhone X measures 143 by 70 by 179 mm and weighs 179 gms. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 measures 138.4 by 67.3 by 7.3 mm, which means on size the iPhone X is slightly larger. There is a difference of about half a centimeter on the height, and to many this is no big issue to be noticed.

Display size and quality

Those who consider screen size a key factor will definitely go for the iPhone X, and the fact that it comes with an all-screen display means there is more room left for the display. Apple adopted the all-screen display with the iPhone X by first eliminating the home button and extending the screen to the extreme ends leaving only little bezels. Therefore, the iPhone X comes with a display of 5.8 inches while the iPhone 8 offers 4.7-inch retina HD display.

After the size of the display you might want to know the display quality differences between the two phones. One of the things to note about the iPhone X is that it is the first in the iPhone family to come with an OLED screen, and this translates to superior display quality when you compare it with the iPhone X. The display of the iPhone X offers 2436 by 1125 pixels resolution while the iPhone 8 will give you 1334 by 750 pixels resolution. The contrast ratio of the iPhone X is 1,000,000:1 while that of the iPhone 8 is 1400:1, so when you consider display quality the iPhone X wins with a massive margin.


Both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 come with a 12 MP rear-facing camera, but there are few differences. The iPhone X comes with dual rear cameras of f/1.8 aperture wide-angle, and a telephoto aperture of f/2.4, something that makes it easy to create stunning portrait shots with the background blurred. Similarly, the iPhone 8 comes with dual rear camera that offers f/1.8 aperture, but it cannot take those fancy portrait photos you can easily achieve on the iPhone X.

Home Button

As a departure from the earlier design trends, Apple decided to get rid of the home button, and this meant the introduction of more features that would take the place of the home button. The death of the home button on the iPhone X means a wider screen, which is something many have longed for because other leading companies had introduced such technology earlier. Therefore, if this is something you would find interesting, you will most definitely get the iPhone X to enjoy the new features.

Face ID vs Touch ID

A section of users of the iPhone did not receive the news that the Touch ID was removed positively. Many will miss the simplicity of having to just touch the phone and it opens, but that is not to mean everyone is of a similar opinion. The introduction of the Face ID on the iPhone X comes as a security upgrade that Apple believes will make it more challenging for someone other than the owner to access vital data in the phone. But this is a matter of preferences, so you might need to consider what you think is more appealing.


There are many other specs you will also get that are different across the two models. For example, the iPhone X uses a wireless charging system that comes equipped with a Qi coil, and that means you can use any wireless charging pad. This to many is a relief as they have waited for too long to have the feature added. Users of iPhone 8 also enjoy this feature also powered by the Qi coil. Additionally, the battery of the iPhone X is designed to last 2 more hours than that of the iPhone 8, so if you are more into adventure and spending a lot of time using your phone you might want to consider getting the iPhone X.


On prices, this is something that came with a lot of controversy especially when talking about the iPhone X, whose prices begin at £999 for the 64 GB version while the 256 GB version of the phone will cost you a whooping £1,149. This is compared to the iPhone 8 that starts at £699 for the 64 GB version with the 256 GB version fetching £849, and this makes the iPhoneX the most expensive ever in the family. However, this comes with better features and definitely a smoother user experience.

There are many feature that are available on the iPhone X that will make your user experience superb. The iPhone 8 also comes with good features, but if you are too much into the display quality and processing power then you are better going for the iPhoneX.

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This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology.