Intel Announces New Technology that Extends Battery Life

Intel Corporation announced a new technology called Intel Low Power Display that can reduce the consumption of laptop monitors battery power to double the life of the battery, prolonging the period of use, Intel announced it during the participation in Computex 2018, which is currently in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei.

“This is the result of a joint collaboration with both the Sharp and Innolux manufacturers, which are a 13-inch LCD screen that consumes one watt of battery power,” said Intel Vice President Gregory Bryant during the announcement. This technology can add up to 8 hours of battery life on IntelĀ® Ultrabooks or 2-in-1 computers, depending on the type of use. ”

To demonstrate its point of view, Intel brought the new Dell XPS 13 laptop, which was equipped with the new display technology, which showed that it could play the video for 25 hours with the new screen. The Dell XPS 13 with its normal screen is capable of playing video for only 15 hours under the best conditions using the Intel Core i7 8550U processor and a 60-watt battery.

It is technically possible under lighter workloads such as browsing, e-mail, etc. to increase up time to 28 hours.

Intel claims decisively that users will not be able to recognize any differences in brightness or accuracy with low-power displays, but it can not be denied that a one-watt monitor can add a very high value to laptops, especially those that have distinct specifications and less design Size.

The “Intel Low Power Display” technology is still in development and there is no clear timeline for what we can expect from low-power notebooks in stores. We still do not know what mobile device manufacturers will use, but Intel’s new low-power display technology is a promising technology, with incredibly powerful laptop computers.