Instagram makes it easy for customers to talk to companies and book appointments

The Facebook-based Image Sharing Platform on Tuesday unveiled new features to help companies and businesses manage their business on the platform. The platform introduced the simplified inbox service for companies using the Instagram Direct application and will begin testing the quick responses in the coming weeks.

“We are taking steps to transform Instagram from a place of business discovery to a place where business can be done,” said Vishal Shah, Production Manager, Instagram. More than 200 million active users in Instagram are visiting a business profile every day, hosting 25 million business profiles, half of which do not have a listed website.

The platform also brought new action buttons, which help companies turn interested parties into actual customers. Instagram says that it will soon release a new series of in-product tutorials to guide and help businesses learn best practices through which the platform can be used to communicate with customers. Tips on how to plan publications, create compelling content, and develop community.

The tools, which include messaging options and built-in bookings, are designed to facilitate business activities on Instagram, all for free, helping to attract more business to the platform, creating future advertising clients at Instagram and the parent company Facebook, Chat, where the two companies are trying to attract the attention of marketers, Snape Chat currently allows shopping and installation of applications and other procedures through advertising image filters called lenses.

The new streamlined inbox for Instagram Direct users allows you to filter messages between unread, unread, and starred conversations, and better manage messages from users, now viewing new customer messages in your live inbox rather than messages in your messages folder Outstanding.

Businesses can also organize conversations and filter conversations to help them easily navigate to the messages you want to keep track of. The company said more than 150 million InStagram users talk to companies through Instagram Direct every month, and one-third of them start with Instagram.

The other feature of the new business button allows companies to incorporate certain actions from partner companies in Instagram such as booking a restaurant or booking a table. These functions will be available in most of the United States at the beginning and will be offered in other countries at the end. Users can store payment information to use with such services, such as when a credit card is required to make a reservation or buy tickets.

New action buttons include options such as Book, Get Tickets, Reserve or Start Order, which are supported by third parties such as courier companies and payment processors, giving end users the ability to perform these procedures without having to leave the platform. The buttons are initially launched through a number Limited partners, with more to come soon, more details on how to add action buttons can be found on the company support page.