Instagram NameTags

The Instagram network is preparing to launch a new feature called Nametags. This new Nametags feature allows the user to create their own image as their own code, so that others can scan it using the Instagram Stories camera to follow up on their social networking account.

The aim of the new Instagram feature

The feature allows others to simply promote their account on Instagram. The user can follow a new friend only by scanning the code through the camera phone, after opening the profile account, start to follow immediately without having to search for the name. Companies and social networking stars can also publish their “Nametags” code on networks or print them in their posters or advertisements or even commercialize their marketing.

An Instagram spokesman confirmed that the Nametags feature is being tested. This is in addition to the development of the network for many of its features recently such as the development of video calls and also tested for the new image development feature Focus.

How to design your Nametags code?

After testing the new Nametags feature , the user can press the QR button on the profile to navigate to the Nametags Editor. It can then choose the background as its preferred color from a color group that begins with a violet color. It can also choose a style from one emoji image or a set of repeated avatar images or even take a personal picture of its face and put some effects on the image. This image can be duplicated in the background. The user name appears in the center of the screen.

In March of this year, the Instagram service, Snape, launched its Snapcodes feature, which is similar to the new Instagram feature, which may indicate Snapecode has been copied.

Although the feature will no longer be new to users, it is expected to be more welcome given the desire of celebrities to promote their accounts on Instagram, which may prompt them to share their latest content.


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