Instagram develops a tool that allows users to download their data

The Image Sharing Platform is currently developing a tool that enables users to download their account data, a feature similar to the feature in the parent company Facebook, which allows users to download their data within the social network. The downloadable data will include images and videos that the user has shared on Instagram, In addition to published and sent messages.

This can be seen as a major change to the way the company works, after it was difficult for users to download their content, where the Facebook network has offered such a feature since 2010, that is, just 6 years after the launch of the network, while Instagram, which is now almost 8 years old and has more than 800 million users, still lacks such a feature.

According to the company’s spokesperson for TechCrunch, Instagram is currently developing a data transfer tool that will enable users to download a copy of their posts on the platform. According to the company’s spokesman, the tool appears to be limited to large data, including images, , Leaving behind other things such as lists of followers, stories and other things that seem less important, but the company has not yet confirmed whether these conclusions are true or not.

The comments are not yet clear as to whether the videos and images to be downloaded will be fully accurate or downloaded in a compressed format to make them easily downloadable and transfer to another service, so that they may end the need for third party applications to do the task like InstaPort, The existence of such a tool is a win for users who can use the tool as a backup tool and a way to simplify access to their published data.

The presence of such a tool makes it easier for users to leave Instagram and move to a competing social network. If the company can launch the tool before May 25, 2018, it will help it comply with the GDPR, The European Union Council and the European Commission to promote and standardize data protection for all individuals within the EU.


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