The specs of HTC’s forthcoming flagship have allegedly been leaked, suggesting a phone that’s as powerful and feature-rich as top-tier flagships released and to be released in 2018.

LlabTooFer, which has a good track record of HTC-related leaks, has posted what it claims as the specs of Imagine, the codename for the HTC U12. The most notable feature is the dual camera system, combining 12- and 16-megapixel sensors.

It remains unclear how the dual camera system will work, but usually, when two cameras have a distinctly different number of megapixels, the other is a different type of lens, like a wide-angle or zoom configuration. Another common system pairs a normal lens with a monochrome sensor, which is supposed to deliver richer, more vivid colors. They’re typically featured in Huawei’s top-tier flagships.

HTC U12 Specs

Nipping at the heels of Apple’s Face ID feature on the iPhone X, the U12 will apparently have its own HTC Face Unlock feature, which uses the front-facing 8-megapixel selfie camera. However, it’s not clear whether the phone will have sophisticated sensors similar to the iPhone X’s TrueDepth system.

It’ll sport a 6-inch QHD+ screen, but it’s not clear if the phone will feature a bezel-less look like most of current flagships out in the market currently. Underneath, there’ll be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 6 GB of RAM, and up to 256 GB of onboard storage. Powering everything up is a decent 3,420 mAh battery. The phone will also feature IP68 certification for water resistance. Edge Sense 2.0, HTC’s squeeze-based interface, will also be included. What improvements are in version 2.0 of Edge Sense is exciting to ponder about.

Project Treble

The phone will run Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, and HTC plans on making full use of Google’s Project Treble for delivering software updates quickly, unlike most other manufacturers who are slow to provide updates.

Finally, the allegedly leaked specs suggest HTC will release two versions of the phone, a single SIM and dual SIM variant. The flagship will launch sometime this April, but the question is which carrier HTC is planning to partner with. Previously, Sprint carried the U11 exclusively, in addition to an unlocked variant. Whether this’ll be the case once again remains to be determined.

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