How to transfer photos from an external camera to your iPhone

IPhone cameras are one of the most powerful and most widely used mobile phones, but iPhone users sometimes want to use external cameras separate from the phone to take pictures, but are in trouble how to transfer pictures to their phone to keep them without transferring them to the computer first and then transferred to the phone.

If you suffer from the process of transferring data and images to your phone iPhone thanks to the complicated steps you have to do, we will provide here but more easy ways and will save you the trouble of all this suffering.

And if you do not know there are 5 effective and quick ways to transfer photos directly from the camera to the iPhone without the need to use iTunes.

Connect the Apple adapter directly to the camera

Apple offers a direct link between the iPhone and the camera through USB, which allows you to connect directly to the camera through the application of images built-in iPhone to import all the images of the camera to transfer individually or collectively, it is worth not that the opposite way, That is, you can not transfer images from your mobile phone to the camera.

Connect the Apple adapter to the memory card reader

This method is similar to what we mentioned earlier, but here is the connection between the mobile and the memory reader and not the camera, where you remove the memory card and then enter it in the external reader for connectivity or synchronization with the mobile and the same steps.

Wireless internet adapter

Wired adapters are good but in the 21st century you can rely on the wireless adapter that comes with a terminal connected to the camera to provide a wireless point of action to connect the iPhone and camera through the WiFi network after downloading the converter application from iTunes. Once the application is linked, all images can be imported and Your mobile memory can also be posted through email or social networks.

SD card reader

You can count on the external memory card, the adapter that can put the memory in one of the bars, and the other side can be connected directly to the mobile by downloading its application from iTunes to transfer all the data. It is very simple but you have to select the two memory card continents you trust Good support for mobile without causing any defect.

Online Debit Services

If you prefer to avoid connections and wires, you can rely on electronic clouds such as iCloud from Apple or any other draw but you must have your way to get those images from your camera either through an external card or the camera supports Internet connection or transfer images to withdraw Through different links. It’s not as simple or elegant as using an adapter, but if you love the safety of backing up your photos in multiple locations on an SD card or in an electronic pull – this is a special option.

What to do if you do not see the Import button using Apple adapters is the following:

  1. Make sure the camera is turned on and in the image export mode
  2. Disconnect the adapter, wait about 30 seconds, and plug it in again.
  3. Disconnect the camera or SD card, wait for 30 seconds, and try again.
  4. Restart your iPhone.