All of us are confused about the acquisition of a new phone on how to transfer the data in our phone to the new phone! We all have a range of high-value images and videos for us, and it’s important that we do not lose any of them when we move to a new phone.

Well, this process is no longer a difficult process as we will discuss with you on this subject a safe and very simple way to transfer images and videos from our old smartphone to the new phone without losing any of them.

First you need to download the Google Photo app from Google on your phone that you want to transfer photos and videos from.

Once you sign in with your Google Account, the app will automatically upload all the photos and videos on your phone to your app account, and the download may take some time depending on the number of videos and photos you own.

Once you’ve completed the upload, you can now access your new phone and upload the Google Photo app to it, then sign in to the app.

You will now be able to view all your photos and videos, and to save these pictures and videos to your phone you must first select the images you want to save and then go to Options, then select Save to device.

This simple and safe way you can keep all the pictures and videos you want without any effort.