How to Hide Conversations in WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to add new features to the application continuously, and from time to time a new feature appears that adds some fun to the world’s most popular messaging application. We share new features with you and offer some tricks and tricks that can be used in the application.

How to Hide Conversations in WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not have a built-in mechanism to lock the app or even hide conversations with a password, but you can use chat archiving, which lets you place all chats you do under the Archive menu.

This may be a good way to hide your chats from prying eyes, but keep these things in mind while hiding chats with this method.

First , if you receive a new message in the archived chat thread, it will automatically appear from the Archive menu and will be visible like regular chats.

Second , chatting is just a simple way to hide chats, not the best ones.

To hide a chat, tap and hold the chat you want to archive, then click the archive icon in the top right corner of the screen, then you’ll get a pop-up window at the bottom of conversations called conversation in the archive .

To view archived chats, scroll down to Conversations on the Home screen in the Wattab app, click Archived chats, and to unarchive a conversation, start accessing the conversation and then hold down the archived conversation. Then click the unarchive option at the top Left of the screen.

The app also lets you install up to 3 conversations, and these chats will always be on top of other chats. Even if you receive a new message in other conversation threads, you will not change the chats installed, install a chat, tap and hold the conversation and click the pin icon. Keep the chats installed and click the Uninstall option.


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