How to get Home Button on Your Apple iPhone X Smartphone

Apple iPhone X has been given many unprecedented changes. All the features present in earlier versions of iPhone can no longer be seen on iPhone. The Touch ID which was earlier present in iPhone can’t be seen in iPhone X. It has been replaced with Face ID. It means that the bezel around the display had disappeared and along with it the home button is gone. Now, the Apple users have gestures to operate the phone. Navigating in iPhone has reached the next level of technology.

The home button used to control most of the stuff in the previous version of iPhone, but now it no longer exists. Instead of it, you can now find a small bar placed at the bottom that controls everything. It also acts as an app switcher by switching between the apps. Controlling things with this mini bar is easy.

However, if you have been a previous iPhone user or you own another Apple device like iPad, getting habitual to the bar would be bit challenging. However, we have a way out for you. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Use The Assistive Touch

The all-new iPhone X is packed with the Assistive touch feature. Through this feature, you can have your home button even on iPhone X. Many iPhone X users use this feature, but still, a fraction of users don’t know about it. The critical point here is that by using Assistive Touch, you can have the traditional home button back on iPhone X.

How to get Home Button on iPhone X?

All you need to do to have the home button on iPhone X is to toggle the Assistive feature on. You can enable the Assistive feature by following the three simple steps given below.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” section of your iPhone and then tap on “General” and select “Accessibility.”

Step 2: Toggle on “Assistive Touch.” Toggling on the feature will allow you to take help of adaptive accessory if you are facing problem in running the smartphone with gestures.

Step 3: The following options will now open up for you: Single-Tap, Double-Tap, Long Press and 3D Touch. You can choose any of these options for switching on the Home Button on your device. Select the option that suits you the most. Please note that you also have the option of creating custom gestures to activate the home screen.

For availing this feature, tap on “Create New Gesture” option present under “Custom Gestures” section in the same menu. After enabling the home button, you can also choose the opacity level of the floating home button that will now appear on your iPhone. You can set the opacity level from the same menu.

Wrap Up

You can use the virtual home button to control the functions of your device. In order to place the Home Button at the bottom center, press and hold the Home Button and drag it to that position. Keep the app dock behind the Assistive Touch button empty so that no app is obscured. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!