How to Create Animoji on Your iPhone X

One of the new features that come to iPhone X with iOS 12 is Animoji. Thanks to the combination of the famous Animoji on iOS 11 and the Bitoji feature, Animoji lets you create personalized and detailed photos for more fun with TrueDepth Face Tracking.

Keep in mind that the Animoji app is only available on the iPhone 12 X, and the first beta is now limited to developers, but a general beta version of the program is likely to be launched soon.

Existing emojis remain static on the emoji keyboard, and when used within text. The following characters are available for animation using Animoji in iOS 11 and above:

👽 Alien
🐱 Cat Face
🐔 Chicken
🐶 Dog Face
🦊 Fox Face
🐵 Monkey Face
🐼 Panda Face
🐷 Pig Face
💩 Pile of Poo
🐰 Rabbit Face
🤖 Robot Face
🦄 Unicorn Face

The following emojis had an Animoji option added in iOS 11.3:

🐻 Bear Face
🐲 Dragon Face
🦁 Lion Face
💀 Skull

The following emojis are getting an Animoji option added in iOS 12:

🐨 Koala
🐯 Tiger
👻 Ghost
🦖 T-Rex

When you open messages for the first time, “Animoji” on iOS 12, users are greeted with the new splash screen displaying the new options. Here’s how this process works and all the details you can customize with Animoji.

How to Create Animoji on iPhone X

  1. To create Animoji open the Messaging app.
  2. Press the Animoji button “monkey face for example”.
  3. Click the + sign in the middle right of your screen.
  4. Messages will guide you through your Animoji customization.
  5. Click Done at the top right corner to complete and use your Animoji.