Convert Your Smartphone to Android

Android is the latest project of Google to provide a smooth operating system for smart phones equipped with cheap devices, it is the successor to AndroidOne, and trying to succeed where the previous failed, as more and more Android devices have been introduced recently in different markets around the world, on any device that is currently running on Android.

The GO system runs the low RAM mode on your Android device, a low-RAM feature that makes more RAM accessible so that the system becomes more flexible. In addition, Google Play recognizes the Android device as an air version and offers applications like YouTube And Gboard and so on in lighter versions.

You can download some Android Jo apps directly from Google Play Store:

I applied the patch to my smartphone, the Moto G3, which has 1 GB of RAM, and the system started to consume just 390 MB, leaving more RAM, which gives the system a better performance.

Before you start the tutorial, I should make it clear that neither AndroidPIT nor anyone is responsible for any damage to your smartphone, do so at your own risk, and do not forget to create a backup beforehand.

  1. Download these two files on your phone , one called android_lowram_enabler, which allows low RAM mode, the other is called android_lowram_disabler, which disables the feature if you do not want it.
  2. After downloading, turn off your device and reconnect it in recovery mode, after it starts recovery mode, select the installation option and find the downloaded file, usually in the download folder, select and install the file android_lowram_enabler.
  3. Once installed, restart your device and Android will already run in low RAM mode, just like Android Joe, and to return the process, repeat the procedure using the file android_lowram_disabler, which will also be in the downloads folder.

Remember that this patch works on any version of Android from Kit Kat 4.4, and you also need to get recovery mode on your smartphone.


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