Add music to the status using WhatsApp

The application WhatsApp among many of the things that helped to reshape our lives in general, which is a messaging service that best messaging services in the world now, the application allows you to add tunes to a state WhatsApp during the recording of the camera, but how do? We’ll talk about all the ways you can add your custom ringtones to your WhatsApp account by video editing application.

Add music to the status using WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you record audio with the video of the situation, and now all you have to do is use this feature to your advantage and add your favorite music to the situation, here’s how:

  • Use any music player application on your phone and play the music that you want to use as the music for the status background in WhatsApp. Make sure you’re playing the song through the speaker, not the wired or wireless headset.
  • Now open the WhatsApp app while playing the song in the background, go to the status and start recording your status, and make sure that playing music at the maximum volume, in this way you can ensure better background music quality for your situation.
  • When you finish recording, preview it quickly, and if everything is in the correct order, press the green arrow at the bottom to share it.

Add music using the video editing application

While the way we mentioned above works brilliantly, adding music with a third-party application is much better and ensures better sound quality, and you can count on the video editing application with music. It has the right amount of features to create custom videos and accomplish the task in any Now, to add music to your situations using this application, follow these steps:

  1. Use your phone to record the status video, and do not worry about playing music where we’ll add the melody separately.
  2. Once you’ve finished recording your video, open the Edit video with music app and import the video into it.
  3. Play the music you want to use, and after that, select the appropriate music volume. At this point the best option will be to mute the original video because it may increase the noise. If you like, you can also choose to hide the music at the beginning and in the end also to add A simple professional touch to your video.
  4. Open and apply the app, go to your status and add the video you just selected, ideally preview the video before publishing, and if everything looks in the order, share it and let others watch your new status.


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