Google will Mark Apps without Privacy as Dangerous

Google, in order to improve the safety of Android users, changes its rules to protect them from potentially harmful software. This time it’s about Google Safe Browsing: soon, additional protection will block malicious applications that use their private data without users’ consent.

All applications that require an e-mail address or phone number, for example, will have to inform users about their privacy policy. In the event that the collected data will not be necessary for the application to work, the developers will have to explain how this information will be further used and give users the opportunity to opt out of giving their consent.

What’s more, Google explains that the mere information on how to use the data can not only be displayed in the Google Store. From now on the message should appear prominently in the application itself and can not be hidden in the settings or in the terms of the service.

If the creators do not meet the requirements of Google, the user who tries to install or even go to the site that will lead to the application will receive a warning. A message will then be displayed that the page contains a malicious application. Among the most common examples of policy violations, Google lists two situations. The first of these is the application does not treat the list of applications installed by the user as personal data, the other applies to data from the contact list

Changes to Google Safe Browsing will come into force as part of the new rules of the Developer Policy Center, which appeared in August. The chapter Updates and other resources have all been placed. These include new rules for collecting user data that add detailed guidelines for transparent information on the use of data.

Google clearly defines how the application can get permission from the user: first of all, they can not treat leaving the screen or clicking another interface element as consent. Google also prohibits the use of messages that automatically close after a while or expire. The new Google Safe Browsing policy will apply from January 30, 2018.