This is not the April Fool’s Day. Google has already announced that it will discontinue its abbreviated link creation service within a few days on Friday, April 13, 2018. It has already suspended support for this service on March 30, however, the link shortcut platform will be available for use for an additional year for the old users who have created short links using this service before.

It is noteworthy that Google began to provide the service of short links in 2009, almost nine years ago, and since then this service helps facilitate the process of sharing content on the Internet and provide options for tracking interaction and clicks on short links.

Software engineer Michael Hermanto of Firebase , Google’s Web application and mobile development platform, said Google is focusing its efforts on replacing the shortcut platform with a new platform called FDL Firebase Dynamic Links that allows users to redirect to iOS, Android or Web applications.

Old users will be able to use the old shortcut links until March 30, 2019. The links that will be created during this period will continue to work, but will not be migrated or migrated to the new FDL platform.