Google Adds Swipe-Up to Unlock Feature on Android Auto for Less Distracted Driving

Google has many times in the past added new features to its Android Auto platform to make phone interactions while driving less likely to cause the driver to be distracted.

The newest feature, which the search company quietly launched this week, adds a swipe-up-to-unlock feature for easier access to a phone while in transit. It allows those who absolutely need to look at something not to go through hoops to get to it.

Of course, the most apt scenario is for drivers to never use any phones at all while on the road, but a study published in April 2017 revealed that most people still use their phones while driving. So, Google is making it much easier by adding the swiping mechanism. Reddit users first noticed the feature.

Previously, drivers basically couldn’t use several of a phone’s features while driving, which is just right for safety reasons. But with the update, if a driver needs to perform a particular task that simply must be tended to immediately, they don’t have to disconnect the phone from the driving system just to access its home screen.

Once enabled, the new feature allows the driver access to a car mode after they swipe up to unlock.

When Will Swipe-To-Unlock For Android Auto Roll Out?

Google has yet to confirm when exactly this feature will roll out to all users, but it appears it’s making no big deal about its release. Maybe that’s the right thing to do, as it’s easy to imagine for many to be upset by this feature, especially since the point of Android Auto is to prevent the driver from using their phone as much as possible. Of course, that creates a situation where it’s hard for a driver to access the phone while there’s an emergency. This new feature doesn’t really offer more functionality to the driver, but it does lessen the hassle they encounter when they need to do a particular task.

Google Striking A Balance

The feature still appears to be in slow rollout, so don’t expect it to arrive on your phone immediately. It’s likely Google will ever make a formal announcement, but the goal is still clear: the company wants to strike a balance between preventing distracted driving and letting drivers have convenient access to features should they need to.

Have you gotten the new swipe-to-unlock-feature? Do you think it’s a nice addition to Android Auto? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!