Unsplash photos

Under the banner of “Images for All”, the popular image base Unsplash has released a new application for devices running iOS. The app provides a large number of high-quality images for photo enthusiasts and creators, so they can browse catalogs and select images for use in their own creative projects or for personal use.

This is the third launch of Unsplash photos after the release of a Mac application last year that allowed users to switch backgrounds on Mac computers. The company also introduced a similar application to Apple TV in 2016.

The new application is designed to work perfectly with iPad. Users can drag their favorite images to the lower-left corner of the screen to download photos, and use multi-screen mode to drop the image to the project file they’re working on.

The Unsplash database boasts a wide range of images taken by camera lenses for photographers who accept it for free. The user can search for images using specific keywords or formats, such as searching for “iPhone backgrounds” to find wallpapers for iPhone phones.

Unsplash has already signed up with prominent names in the technical world as Google, when it launched Live Cases Live for Nexus phones, which allows the user to design the back cover of the phone to his taste. But Unsplash’s collaboration with Apple was the most famous, with the first images on Apple’s list with its Shot for iPhone shot campaign.

Bloggers and designers can use images for free from other sites such as Shopify’s Burst, but their free services are mostly for marketing purposes. The Unsplash application provides unlimited images for use as wallpaper, home screen, or lock screen.