Mozilla has announced the development of a new addition called Facebook Container for Firefox, designed to protect users of the browser to protect their use of Facebook, and prevent them from tracking them on the Internet and follow up on what they do on various sites, which fall within the partners of the third party, which was previously obtained from them On user traffic information easily, by planting cookies within their browsers.

By using Mozilla new extension, you will be able to protect yourself and the data from your followers on Facebook, especially as reports spread that it makes it easier for advertisers to collect personal data about you and your life from within your personal account, and to easily dispose of them as they wish to violate your privacy.

Mozilla was one of the first to take an opposing position on what Facebook did with the British data analysis firm Cambridge Analiteca, and its ads were pulled from the blue platform until it took measures to ensure the privacy of user data.

Facebook has been exposed to the leak of data from millions of users from their personal accounts, to the hands of advertisers with no standards and controls that require them to protect that data, and use in a manner that does not harm users.