encrypted digital currency

Facebook planning to launch an encrypted digital currency of its own to facilitate payment in buying and selling through its platform for more than two billion users, so Mguethmh digital currencies commonly used at the present time, according to a report issued by the site Cheddar Village.

At present there are not many details about the project, but a responsible source within Facebook told Cheddar: “The company is very serious about launching its own digital currency,” confirmed by its announcement last week of a new team to explore how best to take advantage of technology Block Qin.

It recalls that the company almost a year ago , Facebook began to study technology – based encryption system Block Qin blockchain when a member of the company ‘s development team began Morgan Biller considering how to use the social platform for this emerging technology to support encrypted payment currencies such as Bitcoin and Aatriom.

Last week, Facebook announced that the vice president responsible for implementing Messenger David Marcus was leading a new team to explore how best to use Block Qin technology to facilitate financial transactions among users of the Messenger application.

Prior to joining Facebook , David Marcus served as Chief Executive Officer of PayPal PayPal The , as it is one of the first investors in the digital currency Bitcoin In last December , he joined the board of Coinbase company , which is one of the largest digital currency exchange platforms in the world.

In an interview in February, Marcus said: “Facebook had no plans to integrate digital currency in its applications soon.” The methods of payment that use encryption at the moment are very expensive and slow, and the institutions that rely on Block Qin technology need initial Fix all its problems. ”

In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s intention to go deeper and study the positive and negative aspects of new technologies such as cryptocurrency.

Facebook will probably need acquisitions in Block Qin and digital currencies to develop its own virtual currency, said one person familiar with the project.

In 2009, the social platform entered the virtual currency field when Facebook Credits released , which can be used to buy virtual goods in games such as Farmville. But this feature did not gain widespread and was closed two years later.


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