Facebook launches the Analytics application for business

Launched the company Facebook a new application called Facebook Tags the Analytics , to help you and your team in the follow-up over the followers base for your business growth and the rate of interaction with your ads and conversion rate Conversions, as well as follow-up to key reports easily and receive notifications when there are any changes in your business data, and the purpose of this application to Enable business owners to pursue and develop their work with ease.

Application has appeared “Facebook Tags the Analytics” in applications stores operating systems iOS and Android today before the launch conference Facebook Developers F8.

Key features of Facebook Analytics:

  • The app gives you detailed reports of everything your business represents on the Internet, whether it’s a website or an app.
  • You can create a custom mobile view using key metrics including active users, revenue, and demographic information for users that include age, gender, and other data, which is similar to the famous Google Analytics tool.
  • Automate statistics and receive notifications when anything strange happens in your data.
  • See the level of ad or page access for other users to stay at the top of conversion rates with deep analysis for specific groups of customers and more.
  • Some businesses will be able to get automated statistics like the time period that saw the highest sales or some people spend more time or money in your app.

Due to the maturity of marketing through social media, where companies are not only to get the people and followers and access to them, but want to maximize commercial use through applications such as Facebook and marketing bots on Messenger, professional accounts and shopping signs on Instagram and the application of the new business WhatsApp For Business, Facebook wants to introduce new tools to keep it in competition.

Facebook is working to enhance the confidence of its users, trying to convince them to invest more in advertising and content and management of their presence on the site, and many Facebook users have held it despite the problem of leaking data that suffered recently because simply no other competitor offers more accurate ways to reach customers . With the Facebook application reaching saturation in certain markets and user growth, Facebook should look for other ways to boost its presence at the top of the competition.