Everything you need to know about the new iPhone OS iOS 12

Apple will provide an overview of its new operating system, the IOS 12, which will run the new iPhone phones this year 2018 at Apple’s annual Global Developers Conference on Monday. The company will also update its existing iPhone and iPad devices when the system is formally launched later this year. The new operating system aims to fix the problems of previous systems and improve the performance of Apple devices, according to theĀ American site, “CNET”.

Digital Health

Digital health is one of the features that Apple can highlight. IPhone makers have announced new tools that will help the user manage or “reduce” the time spent on the phone, according to Bloomberg.

Like the Android OS control panel, Apple’s digital health tools will help combat “addiction” to smartphones and enable parents to better monitor their children’s phones.

Enhanced Reality Technology

Although enhanced reality games may not be at the forefront of the new operating system, Apple has released the new technology update on IOS 12, Bloomberg added.

Apple is expected to update the face recognition technology that uses the 3D front camera to become more accurate and secure.

The new operating system is expected to bring more animogic codes to all Apple devices.

The IOS 12 update will include further enhancements and modifications, such as increasing the predictive power of the Siri audio assistant, delaying notifications, monitoring the stock market, locating video calls and sharing the Animogi.

Although Apple is unlikely to be fully interested in the development of virtual reality technology, CNN said that Apple is working on new 8-kp virtual reality glasses for each lens, which is an indication of Apple’s interest, albeit partially With that technique.