deleting a Facebook account

Some Facebook users are abandoning the platform for a certain period of time, with the aim of relaxing or getting away from social networking platforms. We hope this will help you to understand the difference between deleting and deactivating FB account. FB users should think before deleting and deactivating FB account.

According to Facebook official instructions, the platform allows the user to deactivate the account, which means:

  • The user can reactivate his account at any time.
  • People on the platform will not be able to see your timeline or search for your profile.
  • Some information will remain visible, such as messages you’ve sent to other users.

Deleting the account from the Facebook platform is a much more serious process, meaning:

  • You can not access your account after deleting it.
  • The deletion request is delayed for a few days after the request is made, and your deletion request will be canceled if you log back in during this time.
  • The deletion request can take up to 90 days for Facebook to delete your data stored in backup systems.
  • Somethings are not stored in your account, which means that some friends may have messages from you, even after your account has been deleted.