Artificial intelligence

Dell Technologies announced the 14th generation of Dell EMC’s PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision Optimizer 5.0, an Intel- based artificial intelligence and automated learning solution to enable customers to leverage and harness data power.

Artificial intelligence, automated learning and new partnerships are expected to lead to smarter and better commercial results by transforming data into smart insights. According to a recent update of the 2018 Enterprise Strategy Group on the ITM curve, commissioned by Dell EMC, shows that companies that have embarked on digital transformation are more capable of making data-driven decisions faster and better.

Jeff Clarke, vice president of products and processes at Dell, points out that Internet objects require organizations to adopt a comprehensive IT infrastructure strategy so that all data can be extracted quickly, efficiently and effectively into valuable insights into business intelligence. The power of transforming artificial intelligence and learning Automated to reality.

Automated learning workloads impose a high level of performance and ability to manage and analyze organized and unstructured data quickly, delivering consistent and fast results that enable competitive advantage. Dell EMC has identified two servers with four-socket servers, The 14th generation of PowerEdge servers.

Dell EMC plans to announce the next generation of PowerMax storage solutions, designed with a built-in automation engine that makes self-storage a realistic reality, using predictive analysis and modeling. The single PowerMax system analyzes and predicts 40 million real-time data sets per matrix , Resulting in 6 million resolutions per day, thereby increasing the efficiency and performance automatically in the workloads of mixed data storage operations.

Dell recently announced the new version of Dell Precision Optimizer 5.0, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust applications running Dell Precision workstations to maximize performance through customized optimization applications and automate system configuration modifications.


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