How to Control Your PlayStation 4 from Your Smartphone

Sony has allowed users of the PlayStation 4 to control the device through the smartphone, in few steps.

Download the app

First you need to get a PlayStation app from the Google Play Store, where the app has many features that offer you easy handling of your device.

Connect the phone with the PlayStation 4

  • When the blue screen appears, log on to the PlayStation network.
  • Click on the PlayStation icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the second screen option, another app will now be uploaded, and you can continue on the same account you signed in to on the PlayStation app.
  • You will now see a small Help window, after reading its content Connect your phone to the same network connected to the PlayStation4.
  • After completing the above, select your PlayStation4.

Connect your own phone to the PlayStation 4

  • After playing the PlayStation, go to Settings.
  • Select the PlayStation4 application connection settings.
  • Now select the Add Device option, here you will see an icon.
  • Enter this code on your phone.
  • If you later wish to uninstall devices that you have synchronized with your PlayStation, you can do so through this list.

Now you can control your PlayStation4 from your own phone.