Casio launches new range of high-definition, mercury-free projectors

Casio Launches New Range of High Definition – free lamb Frey Lamp Free, which combines laser technology as the light source lasts 20,000 hours for while providing a high degree of brightness hybrid.

The launch of the new mercury-free Lamp Free projector comes in line with Casio’s commitment and continued support to the Minamata Convention on Mercury, an international treaty signed to protect human health and the environment from emissions from human activities and emissions of mercury and its compounds.

During the press conference, Kogi Naka, General Manager of Casio Middle East, spoke about the company’s latest offerings and products, while Xingo Yamaga, General Manager, Projectors Division, presented a presentation on the Minamata Initiative and the emergence of mercury-free technology. Kamel, Business Development Manager, Projectors, to the latest technologies in the new set of devices launched.

According to Koji Naka, the new range of projector devices is used for education, business and commercial applications. The mercury-free Lamborghini projector, which comes in five different models, offers users significant advantages such as ease of operation and affordability, Easy installation in limited spaces and improved visual communication experience.

Mercury-free Lamp-free projectors are equipped with a long-lasting light source that reduces the need for maintenance and reduces costs, while also extending the operational life to about 20,000 hours and reducing energy consumption by about 45 percent, leading to lower Marked in the value of electricity bills.

In addition, each projector features a dust-resistant design that helps reduce the constant need to change filters and maintains high brightness while providing fast viewing times of five seconds without needing to warm up or cool down.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the latest range of mercury-free Lampfreeze projectors that reflect our continued efforts to address the problem of mercury pollution. Due to our interest in this problem, we have taken a decision to limit the use of mercury-emitting products, Launched a new set of mercury-free projectors in the world. ”

“We believe in Casio that technology is a double edged sword, so it needs to be continuously improved and improved, and companies and individuals today must realize that their behavior affects the future of future generations and therefore have to take the necessary action and take responsibility for choosing the best products that provide Safe and healthy experiences “.