iOS 12 features

Apple has launched its annual WWDC 2018 conference in San Jose, California, with Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive, on Apple Store App Store statistics. Apple paid $ 100 billion to developers, up from $ 70 billion In June 2017, and $ 50 billion in June 2016, in addition to the presence of more than 20 million developers working across the company’s various platforms. The date of the announcement is commensurate with the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the store. Cook noted that the store receives 500 million weekly visits. Cook also spoke of the Swift programming language, which he described as the fastest growth programming language there, as well as Swift Playground, An iPad application that features interactive puzzles, challenges and tutorials designed to teach novice programmers how to program.

He explained 350,000 Swift applications, first introduced by Apple in June 2014, and turned into an open source programming language in December 2015 that can be used to build apps running on iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, “We believe that programming is an essential skill and must be taught within every school around the world. Learning programming offers many advantages, as it depends on problem solving and critical thinking skills,” Cook said.

The CEO then moved on to the eight-year tradition of unveiling the latest version of its mobile operating system on iPhones, iPad and iPod touch, with iOS 12 expected to be an update For previous versions of stability and performance, after a disappointing year in terms of the stability, problems and errors of the previous version of the system.

The new version of iOS 12 is doubling performance with support for all devices supporting iOS 11, so Apple has tried to improve performance for older devices. It is said that the basic performance improvements target the device at full capacity so that applications can run quickly Larger than the previous 40 percent, with the appearance of the keyboard faster than the previous 50 percent, the camera application is opened faster than the previous 70 percent on the old hardware.

Apple updated the ARKit platform to the second version ARKit 2.0, and also developed a new enhanced file format called USDZ, which works across the web and applications to display real 3D AR objects realistically in their correct sizes and is supported by Adobe, Autodesk, Quixel and Pixar, PTC and Sketchfab. A new enhanced reality application developed by Apple, called Measure, has been introduced to take advantage of the enhanced reality of real-world measurement, allowing you to make measurements and use a precise level.

The iPhone company has upgraded the photo app using search features similar to those in the Google Photos app, including search suggestions that automatically highlight people, places, and photo categories. It also adds a public database of common events that can be shared, sharing suggestions that can Predict who you want to share those suggestions with directly from the library.

The Siri audio plugin has also been updated with the shortcut feature, which allows iOS users to create custom voice commands with Siri, which connect to applications, and allows shortcuts to execute multiple word commands, much like the routines provided by Alexa and Google Assistant, So shortcuts can be added to the lock screen for easier access.

Siri can provide a shortcut at a certain time of the day based on previous experiences, while talking about the application of shortcuts Shortcuts new, based on the application of work previously obtained by Apple, allowing the user to manage and edit the new features, and works shortcuts through iOS and HomePod and Apple Watch.

Apple has also updated Apple News, Books, Voice Memos and Stocks, added a sidebar to News on iPad to facilitate review, renamed iBooks to Apple Books, and got a whole new design with a new book store like the iOS app store, Update CarPlay to support third party applications.

As part of the Digital Health Initiative, Apple adds activity reports for parents and children, as well as application boundaries, to help the user to place restrictions on specific applications, and remind them when Time to finish, allow using the device.

For iPhone X users, Apple has increased the ratings and capabilities of Animojis, the mobile version supported by the enhanced reality of emoticons that first appeared last year, with Mimoji and Animoji self-designed, and the messages add integrated technical filters and effects on Such as Snap Chat, Animojis or Mimojis to messages, allowing users to send those images using composite images and animation without uploading a third-party application.

FaceTime now supports group calls for up to 32 people in group conversations, called Group FaceTime. This feature is integrated into the Messaging application. Group FaceTime automatically expands the boxes while people are talking and slams others down Screen, and new visual features can be used in FaceTime as well.

The company has also joined a number of other technology companies after unveiling a slew of new settings and tools that help users reduce the amount of time they spend on hardware and applications. Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of engineers, Telephone is a habit that we may not recognize that we become addicted to it.

These settings, which will be available in iOS 12, include the enhanced “nuisance” feature, and users can access the “Do Not Disturb” mode through sleep time settings, ensuring no notifications are seen until they wake up or set a time limit from Phone control center, so that the time when they want to turn on your iPhone or iPad is set to “Do not Disturb” mode.

Users can also set time limits on individual applications, so they can ask the device to stop using Instagram, for example, after spending one hour using the application, and the user has the option to ignore the limit. These limits take into account the amount of time the user spends on each computer IPad and iPhone phone, if both are used.

Apple tried to minimize the problem of multiple alerts, so the user had the ability to compile alerts, such as aggregating all text message alerts on the lock screen. Instead of seeing one alert per person or group, alerts can be grouped by topics.

IOS 12 offers a new Screen Time application that shows users the amount of time they spend a week in individual applications, the number of alerts they receive per week of each application, and the amount of time they spend on specific categories of applications, such as social networking platforms or entertainment applications.

This comes after technology companies last year, including Apple, Google and Facebook, came under pressure from investors, former employees and consumers to make their products less addictive. Apple said earlier this year it was going to provide more “strong” controls for parents to monitor time Their children spend on devices and applications, so parents have remote access to the weekly children’s screen time reports and the time that children can spend on specific apps.