Apple Launches New Battery Tool to Fix Slow Phone for iPhone

Late last year there was an outcry against Apple over the slow pace in iPhone handsets and an investigation by the US Department of Justice in which Apple confirmed it was slowing down old iPhone phones in an attempt to keep battery life and prevent phone closures.

Apple has been working to fix the slow down of its phones by launching a new battery tool under the iOS 11.3 update , which will allow you to fix the problem of slowing down your iPhone.

The Battery Health tool, now available in the latest version of iOS 11.3, will let you know how well the battery functions and whether the power-slow power management feature is activated on your phone. Allowing you to stop controversial programs that may slow the iPhone’s performance in some cases.

According to Apple, if this feature is turned on, you will be given the option to turn it off, although some reviews have suggested that it be automatically reactivated if your phone starts to shut itself down due to battery safety issues.

The Battery Health tool is available on the iPhone 6 and later models of the iPhone, which you can access from the Settings menu and then enter the battery settings.

The new iOS 11.3 update will help you know the battery’s health. In addition, the option to disable the power management feature that prevents the sudden shutdown of some old battery phones in slow down the processors that Apple first introduced in iOS 10.2.1, Service in battery settings in iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 7, and later models.

But if Battery Health detects the low power of the old iPhone, you can restore some of its functionality by buying a new $ 29 battery from Apple that Apple launched last season.

In December, it admitted to deliberately slashing old iPhone phones that used low-battery batteries. The company apologized more than once for this, and reduced battery replacement prices in its stores from $ 79 to $ 29 for damaged phones.

After Apple’s customers accused the company of lack of transparency, because the slow pace of their phones made them go to buy the new model of the iPhone instead of replacing the battery with another.

So we find that Apple is always seeking to fix this defect, which apologized a lot in order to maintain its customers.