Apple is Working to Upgrade Control Techniques without Touch on the New iPhone

Technology experts said Apple will develop technologies to control iPhone devices by gestures or signals without touching the screen, as well as the development of curved screen technologies.

Control technology will allow iPhone users to do some tasks by moving one finger near the screen without touching it. Experts do not expect the development of this property to be completed two years ago if Apple already decided to continue developing it.

Apple’s history has taken many advanced steps in the human-to-computer marathon. It developed the mouse in the early eighties. Also, the latest versions of iPhone phones have the 3D Touch 3D Touch, which makes the phone respond differently to the user’s touch depending on the different pressure on the screen.

Apple is also working to develop iPhone phone screens with the technology of bending inwards gradually (from top to bottom). The technology is a lot different from the one Samsung used in its latest smartphones, which bend to the inside. Apple has adopted flat screen technology in all its models in the past, and used the bending technique to the interior a bit unnoticed OLED OLED screen with its iPhone X. The shape of these screens can be changed to curved or even foldable, which is very different from the less flexible LCD screens used by the company in older versions of iPhone.

Experts believe the development of the curved iPhone phone technology could take two to three years. The company is also working on the use of new technology in its screens called Microlide MicroLED, but it may take three to five years.

The company is still conducting its initial research on both technologies and it is not yet certain whether it will continue to develop them.

Apple may use these two projects as its winner, after its competitors have made much progress. The technology used in Samsung, Google and Huawei devices is similar to large screens, advanced cameras and facial recognition technologies.

Apple’s sales accounted for 20 percent of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of last year after the release of its iPhone 3G and iPhone 8, surpassing rivals Samsung and Huawei. The first is developing a retractable smart phone while the second is in Asia.

Samsung has launched a feature called Air Gestures for a long time, allowing users to accept calls and navigate through web pages waving their hands in front of the phone. Google has also developed a similar technology called Project Soli, which relies on the screen itself and not on the motion sensor at the edge of the phone.

The technology market will not wait for Apple’s projects that do not seem imminent. The giant has prepared short-term plans to expand OLED technology to include more devices. Another iPhone phone will be launched this year, a larger 6.5-inch screen, instead of the smaller screen – just 5.8 inches – for the current iPhone X phone. It also plans to upgrade the size of the iPhone X and set up a new, lower-cost model with an LCD screen.