Android P will not allow applications to monitor the activity of your network

The Android operating system is generally safe but there are some advantages that can be used for malicious purposes and many users may not realize that for a long time the operating system allowed applications to monitor your network activity without restrictions at all.

The new change in Android P, which recently appeared in AOSP, prevents applications from monitoring your network activity without your knowledge. Developers in the current system can set up applications to see where to send data to your device at any time, even though these applications can not see content Which you send or receive.

Starting from Android P developers will not be able to access proc / net, which makes it possible to monitor the activity, and applications that are designed for Android P at the level of API 28 or higher can not access the TCP and UDP files required for this function, Unless it is set as a VPN.

Unfortunately, Android P will not solve this problem magically for compatibility reasons. Apps with low API levels will not be affected until 2019. When level 28 becomes the minimum in the foreseeable future, nothing will change. For the privacy and security of the Android system in general.