A Step-by-Step Guide to Set up Windows 10 on Your New Laptop

When you get a new Windows 10-based laptop, before you do anything on your laptop, you should do these basic steps to optimize your Windows 10 settings.


Microsoft is constantly updating Windows 10 to introduce new features and improve system quality. You can search for these updates by going to Settings , clicking Update and Security , and then selecting Check for Updates.

At the top of the page look for updates, this way you can update Windows 10 system.

Run System Restore

It’s a good idea to create a system restore point you might need one day, to create a system point that goes to the search box, look for a restore, and then choose Create a system point .

You’ll see a pop-up window on System Protection , point system , for example , choose the disk C, and then clicking on the create, here you will see a window press on the operation of the protection system , and then you can choose the amount of disk space to book your own restore points, and do not need more than 3 points system.

Adjust the display settings

When you have a computer with a screen resolution of 1080 pixels and above, you will see the icons small and texts difficult to read, and to determine the size of the icons, texts and applications you have to right-click on the desktop, choose from the Display Settings menu , and then select the size you want from the box Resize text and applications.

Energy Plan

You do not need to run your computer at maximum power all the time. If you want to extend the battery life of your computer, press the battery icon on the taskbar and choose Battery Settings, select Power and Sleep, and then click Add Power Settings to select the settings.

Set your default browser

If you want to select a browser other than the main browser in the device, start downloading the browser you want, then go to Settings, choose Applications, choose Default Applications , go down and select on the browser and choose what you want.

Select App Store

Windows 10 lets you select the app store where users want to download applications by going to Settings and then going to Apps, then clicking Apps and Features.

You can choose where you want to download applications from.

Activate night mode

To activate the night mode in Windows 10, go to the settings and then click on the system then turn to the display and then click the night mode settings and choose activate night mode.

File extensions

Windows 10 does not allow you to see file extensions automatically. If you want to know the type of JPEG or PNG images, go to the file explorer and select View and choose from the top of the page File name extensions.

Connect your smartphone with your computer

Microsoft has enabled the connection of smart phones to the computer through a new section in Windows 10 called phone, and to connect your phone with the computer Go to settings and then select the phone and then click Add phone and follow the instructions.

Delete default applications

Many computer companies include some of their own programs on their computers, but Windows 10 gives you the opportunity to check and remove these applications by going to Settings and then going to applications.

Then go to the Features and Applications, you will see the list of applications, check them and delete any application. Then choose Uninstall.

Virus protection system

Windows 10 provides a new and unique experience with Windows Defender. Simply open the program, choose viruses and protect against threats, and then choose your virus protection and protection settings. You will have the option to protect your folders to protect your files from any attacks. .