Improve Facebook Privacy Settings

Recently, Facebook was caught in one of the biggest data violations in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where personal information was used by users to target them with customized political ads, and this information was collected from third-party applications that we give access to Facebook while subscribing. Thanks to this scam, Facebook recently launched an improved way to remove third-party apps from your profile, and we’ve covered this along with some other important privacy tips on the platform. Here’s a guide that explains your Facebook privacy settings in 2018.

Facebook privacy settings in 2018

Hide your personal information

How much do you want people to know about you? This is your personal choice, but we suggest keeping it as much as possible. The platform provides privacy settings for all personal information. If you are comfortable with your friends list, you can keep your personal information visible to them, rather than leaving it publicly.

While creating a Facebook account, we usually add everything you want, for example, your contact number, work, education, family members, where you lived until Christmas, and to hide your personal information. What you need to do:

  • Open the platform on your computer and click your name in the top bar to go to the profile page.
  • Click About, you’ll find many settings on the right side, and you’ll also have several sub-options underneath it, click the setting you want to edit.
  • Once you’re done editing, click the Save changes button.

Hide your posts

While posting on the platform, it gives you complete freedom to play with privacy settings, where you can view and hide your posts from others. The platform offers 6 different ways to control privacy. You can choose to keep your posts to the public or friends or exclude specific friends from your friends list, Or you can select specific friends to see only the publication, you can also set it to “I only” or create a new custom list, and it is also interesting that the platform allows you to change privacy settings before and after publication of publications.

Change the privacy of all the old features

The above method allows you to change the Facebook privacy settings for individual posts. What if you want to change the Facebook privacy settings for all your old posts? Fortunately, Facebook also lets you do this by using the “Restrict old posts” setting. You can change who can see your old posts. However, it is restricted to friends only, meaning that when this setting is enabled, all posts you share will change. With friends of friends or public to set up friends, and only your friends will be able to see these posts.

Restricted List

Very few people know this great feature on Facebook. The restricted list allows you to hide your posts from people in your friends list. After adding the restricted list, your posts will not be visible to them unless they are left public. Your friends will never know if you have added them. Restricted list, for example, if you want to hide your posts from your parents, you can add them to the restricted list, unless you share a public post, none of your posts are visible to them, and to add a person to a restricted list, follow these steps:

  • Go to the profile you want to restrict, scroll to Friends, and click Add to another list.
  • From the list, select Restricted.

How do people find you and contact you?

Facebook also lets you customize how people can reach you, who can send you friend requests, who can search for you using your email address, phone number, etc.

While the platform allows you to control these settings, I think the options available in each of them are limited, for example, in who can send friendship requests to you, you can have only two options, everyone and friends of friends, what if I do not want to receive requests Friendship of anyone? The platform does not provide this option.

Do not allow people to post to your schedule

If posting friends to random things on your timeline bothers you, you can change your privacy setting. With this help, you’ll basically close the schedule for everyone, meaning that no one from your friends list will be able to post to your timeline.

Place your wall

The above setting allows you to block people from publishing new posts on your timeline, however we sometimes like to restrict posts already posted to your timeline. Facebook provides a privacy setting that allows you to customize the Facebook privacy settings for your wall posts. By using this setting only authorized people will be able to Watch old and new wall posts, and fortunately unlike the above setting, here you can get multiple choice options.

Customize the signal settings

Imagine someone pointing to you stupidly and in an unenviable situation. Until the signal is removed, what happens, but with some adjustments to the Facebook privacy settings related to the reference, you will not have to face such embarrassment.

You can review all of your posts before you post them, so you can also customize who can view your posts, which can be accessed through Settings, Timeline, and Sign.

Remove access to third-party applications

Over time, you may have used Facebook to sign in to many websites, while some of these sites are trustworthy but others can not be trusted, and it’s best to remove them from your account, and we’ve explained this process before .