Tips and Tricks to take advantage of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has launched its new smartphone Galaxy Note 8, in the world’s largest markets. Galaxy Note 8 has Samsung’s large infinity screen, top-notch camera performance and the ability to take multi-tasking to the next level. If you’ve already owned Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or are considering buying it, here are 8 tips and tricks on how to make your phone more effective.

Choose the appropriate screen mode

The Galaxy Note 8 offers several different screen-setting modes according to user preferences as well as what is displayed on them. To activate a specific mode, go to Settings, then tap on the screen and select Screen mode .

You’ll see a list of options that you can choose from:

  • Adjust the screen: It is a convenient mode to improve the screen’s color, saturation, and clarity
  • AMOLED Cinema: Suitable for watching videos
  • Image mode: AMOLED mode suitable for displaying images
  • Basic: It is the default setting for screen mode and is suitable for normal use

Blue color filter

Long-term exposure to blue light from smartphones and computers is known to cause eye strain.

You can reduce eye strain on the Galaxy 8 Note phone and reduce the amount of blue light by going to Settings, then press the screen, then do the ” Filter Blue Light ” option .

Adjust the Always On Display settings

Always On Display is not new on Samsung phones, and you can view information such as the clock or calendar on the home screen without having to unlock the phone.

So do not forget to take advantage of this feature in the GalaxyNote 8 phone and adjust it to suit you, such as choose the shape of the clock as well as select specific times to turn on and off and other settings.

All you have to do is go to Settings, select the lock and protection screen, then Always On Display and adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Adjust the PEN

The S-line on the Note 8 provides many options that help the user to interact with the phone in a flexible and convenient way.

Users can adjust and customize the features of the S-pen as desired by going to Settings and then Advanced Features, then selecting the stylus.

From there you will be able to activate some features such as the screen off memo feature that allows writing on the closed screen and others.

Adjust the screen resolution

The Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with 1440 * 2960 pixels resolution, and the resolution is adjusted by default to FHD accuracy to reduce power consumption.

But if you want a higher screen brightness and a more accurate battery charge, you can easily do this by going to Settings, then clicking on the screen and selecting the screen resolution.

From the Adjust screen resolution bar, you can drag to the value that suits you and then tap Apply from the top.

Activate Safe Folder

The Safe 8 folder provides a powerful way to protect your photos, applications, contacts, etc. and to prevent others from accessing them, so you can keep your files safe on your phone without having to lock your phone.

Before you can start using the safe folder, you must choose the lock method to use with this feature. To do so go to Settings, then the lock and protection screen, and then choose the safe folder.

After registering in your Samsung account, select the lock method, and finish the settings according to the instructions shown.

Enable Video Optimizer

You can improve the quality of your videos and enjoy brighter and brighter colors by activating the Video Optimizer feature. To do so, go to Settings , then select Advanced features , then activate the Video Optimizer feature .

Activate side panels

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with a curved side screen with side panel feature, which allows you to access the most commonly used applications and contacts in a single touch.

You can customize the applications that appear on the side panel by dragging the sidebar bar to the middle of the screen, scrolling right or left, and selecting the applications you want to appear.