There are a lot of great things about Samsung phones where the phones have a wide range of applications and it is certainly also comes with the application of a keyboard with the slogan “Samsung keyboard” and the keyboard has a range of features but does have the ability to overcome the application keyboard Gboard Famous?

With a particular focus on speed and reliability, Gboard is one of the most common keyboard applications, so should you get rid of the Samsung Keyboard for Gboard?

Google Search

The main feature that Gboard has and has outperformed any other keyboard at the moment is Google’s built-in search. All you have to do is type what you want to search for, click on the search button and the results will be instantly loaded. Directly, this feature is particularly handy during chatting where you can share information from the Internet without leaving the current application, no need to say that Google’s power is not with the Samsung keyboard, so you have to exit the current application to search for something, or you can switch To multi-view windows.


Both the Samsung keyboard and Gboard support scrolling or gesture control, although both can get the right words but implementation is slightly different.

Gboard will show you the word that is created as you type on the keyboard. In this way, you’ll see if the words are properly formed, and if you do not, you’ll know when and where to stop. On the other hand, Samsung’s keyboard is using the more traditional way of showing you Call as soon as your fingers stop writing.

Although this method of implementation may not be an issue for some, I find it disturbing, and prefer to save time instead of typing the entire word and seeing results that do not meet expectations.


Apart from the above reality, Gboard has an additional option to control the cursor. This feature allows you to move the cursor across the lines of text by sliding your finger across the space bar. Similarly, you can remove the text in large quantities by moving your finger through the backspace button, The Samsung keyboard application also supports cursor control but you can only enable one feature at a time.

Text shortcuts

Fortunately, both panels have the option of text shortcuts. You can add your own shortcuts to frequently used phrases or sentences. Both application shortcuts work in a similar way and text shortcuts are similar.

Animation and emoji

Emoticons and GIFs add fun to any conversation, but there is a slight difference. Gboard lets you search through emoji, stickers, and animations. All you have to do is just type the keyword and the list will be displayed instantly, and no The Gboard experience with animation is constantly improving, as the tablet allows you to create your own custom GIFs, which is great.

Things are a bit different with the Samsung keyboard. Here you scroll through the long pages of emoticons and posters, but the Samsung keyboard supports some additional stickers that add fun.

Character property

Special characters are just as important as punctuation in conversations, of course both applications have these special characters, but the point is how fast you can access them.

The Samsung keyboard lets you press the key for a long period of time and all special characters will appear there, and until you select a key, a prompt will be waiting for you.

Gboard adopts a faster implementation of the above process, and you will have to click the period key and point the finger to the character you need, without raising the finger, very subtle differences, yes but it is very important.


Gboard is the ultimate winner when it comes to themes. It supports about 20 different themes, in the normal background and wallpapers. Unfortunately, the Samsung keyboard does not contain any themes, you can only choose from plain white or you can choose to get a few colors from options Accessibility.

Expected text

The main actor in any keyboard application is the prediction of words. Gboard does a good job of it. It uses your writing style and does not take any time to suggest the words you normally use. Samsung’s keyboard is very good at predicting and getting the text correctly. Most of the time, but there is a slight gap in implementation, so when it comes to comparing the two applications, the best use of Gboard.


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