7 Free Services to Create a Temporary Email and Avoid Spam

When you sign up for an online site or service, you often need to add your email and activate your account, the same applies to emailing for offers from certain companies or others.

Unfortunately, adding e-mail to some sites and services means you’re going to have a flood of spam and spam.

Hence, the benefit of relying on a temporary email, it helps you to try some services or register in some sites without the need to add your official mail.

Here are 7 free services to create a temporary email.

Mailinator service

Mailinator is a feature of temporary e-mail. You can sign up for any service or site before you create a temporary e-mail. For example, when you fill out the registration form in a particular location, you can add any e-mail directly to @ mailinator.com. Any time, when you go to the service site you will find that you have received a new message at the address you used.

GuerrillaMail service

GuerrillaMail offers many powerful features for creating and managing temporary email, and unlike providing different domains to choose from, the service also supports the ability to create your own domain for a fee.

Although the email address you choose within the service is endless, newly retrieved e-mail messages are automatically deleted within an hour regardless of whether the messages are displayed.

Temp-Mail Disposable Temporary Email

With Temp-Mail You can Keep spam out of your mail and stay safe, just use a disposable temporary email address. Protect your personal email address from spam with Temp-mail.

10 Minute Mail Service

It may be 10 minutes for a few, but it is certainly enough to receive an email or activate an account on a particular site and this is what 10 Minute Mail offers us.

The service does not allow you to select or customize the mail. Once you access the site, the mail address will be created automatically and randomly with a period of time remaining to delete the mail.

The Fake Mail Generator service

Fake Mail Generator also provides the ability to quickly create temporary e-mail, with the option to choose from different domains.


Mohmal is an Arabic temporary mail service that allows you to create temporary mail for up to 45 minutes that can be extended. After the period, all messages are deleted from the mail so that no one else can see them.


Moakt is another Arabic service that allows you to create temporary email for up to an hour that can be extended quickly and easily, with the possibility to choose between several different domains when composing mail.