6 YouTube channels to watch VR videos

YouTube’s video sharing platform has a huge collection of virtual reality videos with a 360 degree viewing range. But if you find it difficult to access these videos, here are 5 channels that offer unique virtual reality videos.

Virtual reality channel

Virtual Reality is an official YouTube channel dedicated to virtual reality footage, where you can find the latest and best videos on the platform with a 360 degree view.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic is one of the richest channels of the definition on the YouTube platform, and the channel includes a wonderful range of videos with a 360-degree view within a special channel.

Discovery channel

If you’re a fan of documentaries, especially science and technology, you’ll undoubtedly know the famous Discovery Channel, and the channel has a 120-video virtual playlist.

BBC News

If you want to watch some news on VR, the BBC offers you a bunch of virtual reality videos from around the world with a 360 degree view.

NYT Channel

More than 250 360-degree videos will be waiting on the New York Times channel on YouTube.

These videos range from tourist, cultural and sports videos to light news reports from around the world.

Red Bull Channel

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy watching some exciting videos from the famous Red Bull channel via a special playlist of more than 20 videos.

Finally, it is recommended to watch videos using virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard so as to get the best possible experience.