6 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Help You to Market Your E-Commerce

As you know, artificial intelligence systems have been evolving in recent years very quickly. One of the sectors that benefits from this development is electronic carpentry, specifically marketing, and so forth. In fact, according to many digital marketing experts, the next few years will introduce integrated automation systems and take the place of traditional marketing we know today.

Thanks to the great importance of systems based on artificial intelligence, e-commerce companies have begun to work on tools to help them introduce artificial intelligence into their business strategy. This means that marketing campaigns will become more effective and useful and will be limited in cost and highly profitable.

This week we will highlight a year of points where artificial intelligence can improve your e-commerce business. Whether you are new to the market or have a great niche among online merchants, it is no escape from artificial intelligence in the coming years.

Increase the intelligence of programmed advertisements

The world of e-commerce has expanded dramatically over the past years and the main reasons for this are data, and data only. Some companies now offer advertisers a limited range of consumer behavior, interests, and data to make everything you pay for advertising worthwhile.

All these data come with their own challenges and companies today are working hard to identify their appropriate marketing strategy. Here comes the importance of artificial intelligence. Today there are many platforms that can facilitate your paid marketing campaigns and guide you to the most suitable for you. One of the most prominent platforms, is an artificial intelligence program that seeks to facilitate the automation and management of marketing campaigns without any interference from human element.

Chat robots become smarter

Almost all chat platforms in the market try chat robots . Some social networking platforms have chat robots that enable users to communicate with the brand using natural and appropriate language for the platform.

These chat robots now dominate traditional customer services in sales and so on. For companies seeking more revenue, chat robots can add a distinctive touch to how they communicate with their customers at lower cost.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to chat robots on platforms, consumers are used to using some tools to help them with everyday things. These tools enable users to communicate with Web services using their voice only.

This technology can be introduced on smart phones and allocated specifically to voice communication. As with the improvement of websites, companies will fly this “voice” approach in various ways in the coming years.

Automatic Chat Robots

Believe it or not, a large amount of content uploaded daily on blogs and news sites is written by artificial intelligence tools. Companies like Associated Press and Reuters are using this technology to write their news successfully for years now.

Many of these typewriters are working to write product specifications on e-commerce sites successfully. When compared to the human element, these robots can not be underestimated and are also less expensive.

Improved options with better analysis of visitors

Many of the visitor data analysis platforms are oriented towards artificial intelligence and offer cutting-edge tools that analyze website visitors . These tools can send accurate reports to improve performance and even suggest ways to improve your site’s performance.

One company has taken this step a step further by introducing an artificial intelligence feature that enables users to get accurate answers to their websites. For example, a user can ask “How many visitors to the accessories department on my e-commerce website last week?” You will provide the answer with the data and show all the important times for these visits.

The increase of transitions automatically

Large companies such as the Wall Street Journal and Pandora use artificial intelligence programs to improve transitions on their site and increase sales on their platforms. Their programs recognize consumer behavior and collect data on the most important things that are driving consumers to shift.

Then the artificial intelligence program makes simple adjustments to the websites and then assesses whether the shifts have increased or decreased. Over time, artificial intelligence can identify the best ways to improve the site and then apply it.


Artificial intelligence applications have become an essential part of the e-commerce world. Companies seeking to compete in this market must understand the best applications of artificial intelligence and their experience and employment in their business.

Have you ever used any of the artificial intelligence techniques on your website for e-commerce? Do you think artificial intelligence will change the shape of the sector? Share your opinion on the comment box below and follow us on twitter to get the latest updates.


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