5 Tips to Increase Your Popularity on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of professional communication in the world, making it the best way to achieve your professional goals and draw the attention of companies and HR officials.

To increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile and achieve greater popularity within the network, you can take advantage of these simple tips:

Create a profile

Your profile can not make the necessary impression among network users without creating a profile. The first step to improving your popularity in LinkedIn is to complete your profile details and follow some tips to help you create a unique profile.

Simply creating a unique profile on LinkedIn will help you get more invitations, as well as recommend you to others.

Activity in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are the best way to connect with people sharing the same ideas and interests, and you can see popular topics, open discussions with your colleagues, and engage in effective conversations.

Thus, activity within LinkedIn groups will help you to market yourself in a professional way, and will help create more communication with those interested in your domain and thus increase the popularity of your profile.

Use your profile in the email signature

Email is still the primary means of professional correspondence, through which you can communicate with companies, business owners, professionals and others.

So it is important that you add your LinkedIn profile link within the email signature, making it easier for the recipients to access your account online.

Link your file to social networks and your personal location

If you’re active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can take advantage of your popularity on these networks to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile by adding your profile link within your accounts on these networks.

You can also link your LinkedIn personal account to Twitter directly, so you can view your LinkedIn posts on Twitter or vice versa.

Also, do not forget to add your LinkedIn badge on your personal site, or any other sites you’re active on.

Optimize your search engine profile

Unless managers and business owners look for you personally within LinkedIn, they are more likely to discover your account by searching within search engines or recommendations.

So it’s important to improve your profile within LinkedIn and Google’s search engine by verifying that your profile includes words that managers might look for in your job-related fields. In addition, you need to use standard titles to describe your jobs and fill in your data and expertise. In a clear way.