5 Advantages You should disable on any new Android phone

You’ve got a new smartphone running Android and before you can dive in, you’ll set it up with all your favorite apps and services, but are you sure you’ve configured your device correctly? Let’s take a look at more detail.

The elements in this article are not intended to be treated as orders that each user must follow, where everyone can opt to disable these features, depending on their habits and preferences.

We all want a high-speed Android phone that loads applications quickly and provides maximum battery life. Some of you will have an advantage over others if you have a powerful smartphone, while others will have more difficulties. In both cases, it is recommended to follow some simple guidelines to avoid as many the problems.

Auto brightness and other features that affect the battery life in Android

The manufacturers offer an automatic brightness system, the smartphone detects the ambient light level and the display is adapted to remain comfortable to read. This is a laudable idea, but the decision is disappointing most of the time because the lighting threshold is usually higher than your need. Energy, and will increase consumption, which means that your battery will pay the price in the end, in short, turn off the automatic brightness and calibrated yourself, and you will get longer battery life.

The screen is the most influential element of your smartphone’s independence, so you’ll lose nothing by looking at the screen options to see if something needs to change. This depends, of course, on your use and habits, but in most cases it’s useless to keep your screen light For more than a minute if not in use.

It is useless and cumbersome

Your smartphone probably contains at least one application that does not interest you, whether it’s a Google service, for example a Duo, an application pre-installed by the operator, an application from the manufacturer, or a sponsored app. In short, the number of these apps varies depending on the manufacturer , But these apps are not only space-consuming, but may also work in the background in many cases. These apps can be deleted and “better deleted”, and if you do not want to delete them, you can disable them.

Animation and Transitions

If your smartphone is not very strong, you should do everything you can to make it work more smoothly. A small trick that can help you on a daily basis is to disable transitions and animations. To be more specific, these are the effects you see when switching from a screen or application to Another can be beautiful, but unnecessary if you disable it, conversions will be faster.

All you have to do is simply enable developer options. Once you have done this, you will find a list of developer options, a “moving scale”, “moving scale” and “animation time scale.” After that, you will only have to reduce it for Example to 0.5 or deactivate.

Vibrations and sounds

These vibrations and sounds aim at simulating a physical button response, but in practice they are usually very annoying and worse, they will affect the independence of your device. In short, you should ask yourself whether this feature is valuable to you, if it is not These features must also be deactivated, and to disable these sounds and vibrations:

  • Go to Settings then Sound then Notifications.
  • When you are in this list you can disable everything, the sounds of the dial pad, the sounds of the screen lock, the sounds of charging, the sounds of touch, vibration when touching, and others.

Ad customization

Of course, Google uses your private data to get to know you better, allowing you to target ads. By accepting Google on your phone, you accept the rules of the game. Google will get information about you through its various services and applications, and you can not do much about it. Google, but you can determine whether apps can use your ad ID, and if you decide to disable this option, Google will not be able to show targeted ads but will continue to send ads to you anyway.

To do this, just go to Settings and search the Google menu, then you’ll find ads, and you’ll be able to set apps that may use your ad ID to create profiles and run custom ads. Of course, if you want to see targeted ads, But you will not prevent Google from getting information about you.