Ad Blocking Tool in Google Chrome

After Google ad enabled the ad blocker on its browser Google Chrome automatically, where the filtering of ads on the browser by eliminating the most annoying ads on the web, and prompted the owners of sites to stop using.

Here are 4 things you should know about the new ad blocking tool in Google Chrome.

Not all advertisements are bad

Google’s goal is to improve the user experience by removing ads that do not meet the best ad standards, so we’ll say goodbye to ads that pop up, countdown ads, video playback, auto-sounds, and ads that prevent seeing content.

Does the tool work on the desktop only?

The new feature is not only for the desktop version of Google Chrome, it also works on the Chrome browser on smart phones, where the Smartphone Ads Blocker will handle additional ad annoyances, including animated ads, flash and pages with more ad density From 30 percent.

How to get the new feature

On your desktop, Google Chrome automatically updates itself, so all you have to do is restart your browser. For smartphones, all you need to do is refresh your browser.

What happens when Chrome browser finds bad ads?

When Chrome detects an invalid network request while loading a site, it will display the ad blocking message and give you the option to disable it.

Desktop users will see this notification in Chrome’s address bar, and smartphone users will get notification at the bottom of the screen.


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