4 steps to get the first 10000 followers in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the first destination for business people and celebrities in the world. The platform allows users to get the job they want, and you can see the most important tips on the LinkedIn platform from here.

4 Steps to Getting First 100,000 in LinkedIn

Write about what you know well

Users like to search and write about topics of interest to them. Sometimes these articles attract a lot of attention and interaction from readers, but we discovered a pattern of writing. You should be very familiar with topics you can write about without having to indulge in other sources. Or cite research, as the material flows more quickly and easily during the process of writing and editing, and these articles are tend to attract the greatest interaction with readers, as is measured by the comments, and the social impact that occupies them.

Even when you’re writing an article, you’ve done a thorough search of it, you still have to link results from your search back to something you know from personal experience, and you need to add a personal personal comment about what that search means to you.

Write for media, education, inspiration and entertainment

Write articles that interest many readers of the hungry to get information that helps them work or those who simply want to get new information, and write articles that are taught to readers who want to learn new skills they can apply today On their work and their lives, as well as articles about readers who have a story and stories that express the feelings and ideas that can be associated with them, are very helpful in increasing the number of followers you have.

Write about related topics

Talk about stories that people can communicate with, and make sure to write about related topics, a topic that tends to resonate well with LinkedIn readers for example work topics.

LinkedIn is a global network of professionals, one of whose key functions is to connect people with jobs, so anything that touches the world of work and concerns the challenges people face and provides ideas and advice to deal with them is a good article to write about.

There are many topics you can write about, and you can cover many different topics, for example, technology, education, marketing, writing, education and many more.

Type down

Be sure to write an article once a week at the very least and make sure you stick to it, even if you are running a full-time job and a full family life, you should continue to write and publish.