3 Types of Information should not be Shared on Social Networks

Despite the huge content we share daily on social networks like photos, videos, personal opinions, ideas, etc., there are many sensitive information that you should not share on these networks.

In this article we review with you 3 types of information should not be shared on the Internet or social networks.

Sensitive personal information

It is essential that the user share some personal information on social networks in order to give credibility to his or her account such as real name and other information.

This does not mean, however, that you share a photo of your identity card or passport on these networks or on the Internet for any reason.

However, if you have a legitimate reason to share an image of any important personal document, you must revise it and remove all confidential information from it.

There is also a set of sensitive personal information that you should not share, especially if it is related to some security aspects in your other accounts such as address, telephone number or detailed date of birth.

Do not forget, of course, that you should not share any information related to your bank account online or credit card details.

For example, you may be able to communicate with a technical support account on Twitter or Facebook for a service or company or bank, and provide some information publicly, which may be exploited by some hackers to communicate with you as a particular entity.

Therefore, when requesting online technical support, make sure that you communicate privately with the trusted accounts of these entities, or you can create another account dedicated to doing such tasks and do not show any information about you.

Work information

What happens at work remains at work , and there should be no confusion between your personal life, your own thoughts and your work, although work by nature will affect your own life.

For example, venting from work pressures or some bad details that you may face in working on social networks or complaining and complaining from some situations will not provide or delay, but will affect your professional image in front of business owners as someone who does not have the necessary professionalism.

There is also a lot of sensitive information about work that must remain within the company you work in, such as products or projects received and not working in public.

Geographical location

Although users tend to take a lot of time off when sharing location on social networks, it’s a sensitive information that can cause you harm if you’re constantly sharing it.

Of course, a user may sometimes need to share his or her geographic location with social networks, so it is necessary to take precautionary measures and not to repeat this practice permanently.